Everyone Dies…but the Girl.

“Hey guys! Let’s have a teenage sex party in that abandoned murder house they built on that ancient Indian burial ground.”  As horror evolved as a genre, many writers relied so heavily on the same tired tropes they became almost rules of the game. The cast of characters and the order in which they die is a prime example. More often than not the lone survivor will be a girl, first chaste then chased. We don’t completely blame the writers for relying on this crutch. Who doesn’t want to lean on a pretty girl? Their beauty provides pleasant contrast to the inevitably grotesque villain. But do the ladies have to survive so narrowly? Here at Strongpaw we’re all about strong women, girls kicking ass, so we are taking some time to celebrate those that cast off the shackles of convention. Here are ten strong badass women that can be found in the horror stacks.

10. Deborah Clarington - Night of the Living Deb (2014)Look for this one coming soon to a theater near you. When Deborah Clarington wakes up from a one-night stand to find the world succumb to flesh eating zombies she looks beyond simple survival and fights her way to the local TV station to reestablish mass communication with uncommon wit and humor. BTW: This feature was filmed entirely in Maine and was directed by former Damnationlander Kyle Rankin.

9. Ellen Louise Ripley - Alien (1979)
The Alien franchise straddles the border between Sci-fi and Horror. Though the appropriate genre placement is up for debate one thing is certain: Ellen Ripley doesn’t have to be wearing pants to kick your ass in space.   

8. Marie - High Tension (2003)
Attractive French college students and power saws, need we say more? Let’s hope not. Quite frankly the plot makes little sense but if you approach it with an open mind and don’t concern yourself with the laws of time and space it’s a fun ride.

7. Clarice Starling - Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Classic. Generally I am a huge supporter of men who want to dress like ladies, but I guess you have to draw a line somewhere and skinning females is definitely in the no no zone. Luckily for women everywhere, while her male counterparts are puking in the corner agent Clarice Starling is ready to put an end to this tuck and dance serial killer. 

6. Eva - Forgiveness (2011)
This short is one of the hallowed Damnationland film showcase submissions.  Armed with poetry and homemade explosives, this lady spy does not take attempted assassination lightly. 

Shameless Plug: Catch the DAMNATIONLAND the Way Life Should Bleed 2014 film showcase world premier October 17th at the State Theatre.  Sweat, tears and a whole lot of blood went into each piece.  Hand crafted in Maine, these films are a must see for all local cinephiles. Check out www.damnationland.com and www.facebook.com/Damnationland for the latest information.   

5. Sil - Species (1995)
Hey, we never said all the ladies mentioned in this post would be heroines. Sometimes the raw power of being a deadly nippled sex alien is enough. 

4. Dawn - Teeth (2007)
Can social issues influence human evolution? I don’t know, but what better way to battle rape culture than growing teeth in your hoo-ha.

3. Hayley Stark - Hard Candy (2005)
Setting aside my enormous crush on Ellen Page, Haley Stark is the perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing. She reminds us all that jailbait can lead to worse things than jail.

2. Jennifer - Jennifer’s Body (2009)
When Jennifer the resident cheerleader is possessed by a succubus demon, the only thing that might possibly stop her from sex-killing the whole world is her best friend Needy. Not only are the lady characters top of the line hard core in this picture so is the director Karyn Kusama. If you like films starring strong female characters check out some of her other work, with films like AEon Flux and Girl fight it’s practically all she makes.

1. Juno - The Descent (2005)
Spelunking is already a phobia of mine so I can’t imagine making it a hobby, but these chicks aint scurd. What starts as a fun outing with her dead boyfriends wife and friends ends up being a life and death struggle against inbred cave dwelling cannibals. This film tops the list for strong female characters in my book because the cast is almost entirely women, vicious, blood shedding women.

Welp, I’m sure there are a plethora of women that I am leaving out, but you have to stop somewhere.  Who do you think should make the list? 

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