From Knuckle Dragging to Selfies - The Evolution of the Home Movie

There was a time when making a home movie meant loading a camera in the dark, mailing film off for development and seeing your end product for the first time only after setting up a projector against a drooping bed sheet.  At viewing parties you could watch as friends and relatives sped silently about the screen without context. Though the communal aspect of screening parties was nice, the associated hassle meant these films were only generally viewed three times: when they were new, that summer dad sat maudlin in the basement with a six-pack in the dark, and after the funeral.  

Zoom ahead fifty years or so, we’re livin’ in the future. Step over the corpses of super8 hand helds and honkin’ VHS camcorders that have gone the way of the dodo bird and what are we left with? Everybody (even your non-tech-savvy mother that just learned how to text) is walking around with a home movie camera in their pocket.  Why spend $200 on a consumer grade digital video camera when an iPhone 5s can shoot a higher quality image?  The modern home movie is now shot and shared almost instantaneously. Now grandma, your sister and your wife get to watch little Suzy’s first steps as soon as they happen but has this age of the button click robbed us of something? To quote Sage Francis:

Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance,
'til we just stayed distant and never touched. Now all we do is text too much.

Why not combine the best of today with best of years past with an old school screening party? Invite friends and the relatives (the ones you like) over for a “best of.” Mix up some cocktails, borrow the projector from the conference room, and throw a sheet over the fence in the back yard.  Share some memories with people you love while making some new ones, that’s what summer is for. 

Sage Francis “The Best of Times”

and here is another Sage Francis video done by our good friend Jay Brown

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