Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Charlotte

  1. She is ambidextrous.
  2. She hitchhiked to burning man.
  3. She never has, nor ever will see the movie Titanic.
  4. One of her ears has never been pierced.
  5. Her favorite smell is brand new rubber ball.
  6. When she was a very young child she had an irrational fear of stacked washer dryer combinations.
  7. She is an unrepentant lover of Xena: Warrior Princess.
  8. She can do this with her tounge.
  9. She hands down makes the best vegan taco’s you’ll ever have.
  10. When she was a kid her friends and her had a secret clubhouse in the sewer near her school.    

She would tell you more but the other stuff is too weird.

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